Tuesday, November 10, 2015

ten years old.

2016 is quickly approaching.

TEN YEARS ago I started blogging as a slightly emo, naive, free-spirited, eager-for-life-to-start teenager. today I am 26 years old, some how an entire decade has now passed... and I am still a slightly emo, naive, free-spirited and even more eager-for-life-to-start twenty something. what a conundrum?!

7.26.2006 | "at camp this summer, Ken Rudolph was speaking on passions & dreams. He said something around the lines of, you'll know when your dreams & passions are the ones God has for you, because you'll be completely satisfied. I'm pretty sure I'm starting to figure out my real dreams & passions. Its not about what I want, its what God has for me!"
TEN YEARS later life has a lot weirder & slightly confusing responsibilities. more natural growing pains. a lot more uncomfortable life twists. harder conversations. added gray hair. meaningful friendships. seemingly hasher revelations. more love & appreciation for my family. messier cries. added freedom. huge accomplishments. different pressures. surprisingly caring less & less of what others think of me. bigger perspective. fulfilled dreams. failures. different view of the world. surprises. risks. tension. lots of laughter. wonder.

tonight I reluctantly read back through old posts. thank you JESUS for keeping me close all these years. I love knowing why people are the way they are. what made them do what they did or say what they said. it's funny to look back on ten years of what I said and what I've done. this entire time God somehow has carefully crafted my path along the way. this blog quickly reminds me of countless lessons learned, tears cried and heart bruises that are still healing. 

+ this just in, my goal this new year is to actually start blogging again! I miss writing (aka typing) out weird things that are in my head or resting in my heart. God has a funny way of reminding me of who He is & who I am to Him when I type/write. here is to the next ten years. 

NOTE: in 2006 THE OCEAN by MAE was my song

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